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We meet at Moulsham Mill.


As well as our monthly talks, we also have a Day School  and very interesting AGM's

Our Day School this year is on The Aisled Hall Tradition. It will be held at Maldon Town Hall on the 29 June 2024.

The Application form can be found here or you can book and pay direct on the Course page here.


Here you will find information about our events, our membership, and our shop for books

Who we are


The Group was formed in 1983 by a varied collection of professionals and amateurs keen to see more work on the lesser buildings of Essex published for all to see and comment on. They were a mix of people having many varied interests in the field of study loosely covered by the term ‘historic buildings’. Buildings, materials, documents, landscape or just an inquisitive mind were the areas of interest. We have now published a continuing series of booklets, a manual on recording a building, hold a Day School once a year and provide Sunday guiding at the Cressing Temple site.


New members are always welcome; the only real qualification is to have an interest in historic buildings, their use, setting or documented history.


Visits are also arranged to buildings within and out of the area to broaden the views and ideas of the Group.


Evening meetings are held about every six weeks, normally at Moulsham Mill, Chelmsford, where local, national and internationally known speakers are invited to talk to the Group.


We would be delighted to receive any comments. Please contact us here.

This is our Committee
Martin Bridge          Chair
John Payne             Treasurer
Ken Drinkwater       Membership
Jenny Bishop          Secretary
David Andrews
Jane F Briscoe
Tim Howson
Terry Vanner
John Walker
Brenda Watkin
Elphin Watkin
You can contact us through this link.

Data Protection

You can download our data protection policy here.