The county of Essex is particularly rich in surviving medieval buildings. In 1983 a number of enthusiasts decided to form a group to co-ordinate their individual research on these and other old buildings. The pressure of development within our area threatens the existence of traditional buildings and the group is concerned to study and record them, especially when modification or destruction is proposed.
We are a voluntary self funding group with no special qualifications for membership other than an interest in the buildings of Essex. We have members with interests in history, documents and landscape as well as the buildings and also similar interests in other areas of the country.
If you are interested we would be delighted if you would join us.
Our annual membership fee is currently £20 for a single membership and £25 for two at the same address per annum
If you want to become a member please download our membership form below.
Information regarding how to apply, who to apply to and how to pay is included on the form.



We publish a monthly newsletter that is posted to all members.


An electronic version can be downloaded from our website on the members only page. The benefit of this is this is that the newsletter is usually in colour. If you are a member please email us to receive the password.


If you do not wish to receive a hard copy of the newsletter please let us know.