What we do

We hold meetings


We meet usually monthly for 10 months of the year, on a Friday evening at 8pm at Moulsham Mill in Chelmsford where local, national and internationally known speakers are invited to talk to the group.


We are also showing our monthly meetings on Zoom for those of you who are not local.



We visit interesting buildings


From time to time the Group arranges visits to privately owned old buildings of interest.


Experienced members of the Group will guide new members through the building, pointing out key features of the layout, the style and the carpentry.


This will be an opportunity to explore, to ask questions and to get some ideas sorted out.


Bring along pencil and paper so that you can make sketches to record what you have seen (no artistic talent needed) and, most important, a torch.


Details of any visit will be published in the Newsletter, on the website and announced at a Friday evening meeting.


We allow our brains to be picked


A source of knowledge easily to hand is provided by the membership. There is always time at the beginning and end of our Friday evening meetings to get into conversation. We are a friendly bunch, only too pleased to talk about a favourite subject! Ask questions, even though you fear them to be trivial. They won't be. Although you may miss the significance of some part of a Friday evening talk, reports of each talk are published in the Newsletter. This allows for recapitulation and the chance to come to the next meeting armed with a question arising from the previous one or maybe something for the newsletter.


We run a Day School


We hold a day school every year, usually in June. We usually hold it in Maldon Town Hall but this year we are holding it on Zoom. Information on our Day School can be found here.


We do research


We conduct research into houses and other buildings and we offer opportunities for members to survey and study buildings


We publish


We have published a series of booklets and a manual on recording a building. Our publications can be found here.


We guide at Cressing Temple


Some of our members volunteer to guide at Cressing Temple. Usually on a Sunday when no special events are taking place. If you want to help please contact us here.